Kids’ Activities

Kids' World Circus

Kid's World Interactive Circus allows younger guests the chance to participate in their own circus performance. When the Ringling Brothers were kids, they created circus shows in their backyard. Following their famous footsteps, kids play the parts of performers and animals in a big top production of their own creation. Held in the Hippodrome once each day at 1:30, you’ll discover that whether participating or watching, Kid’s World Circus is loads of fun.


Clowning Around With Roger

Speaking of fun... let's "Clown Around with Roger" in an enjoyable and exuberant extravaganza of giggly goofiness. A showcase for his fantastic flights of far-out foolishness, we never know what engaging and endearing exploits Roger will come up with. One show at 2:30 in the Hippodrome, and in the best traditions of classic comedy, and sure to please children of all ages.