YO-HO at The Big Top!

Circus World sets sail with “YO-HO at The Big Top!” Meet our courageous cast of swashbucklers and scalawags for 2022 as they bring the circus to life!

Whether ye be Landlubber or Buccaneer… all arrrr welcome aboard this Baraboo attraction for a whale of a good time with our Pirate-themed circus. Adventure awaits under the billowing sails of our expansive big top, and a live-entertainment treasure filled to the gills with laughs, bold feats of daring, amazing animals, beauty, and most of all… fun!

We encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook for behind the scenes excitement, and the latest 2022 updates. Heave Ho me hearties and join the pirate throng at Circus World; opening March 21 with live performances beginning May 20th, 2022!