Home Again – The Circus! Coming 2021

Circus World welcomes everyone home to the birthplace of the Ringling Bros. Circus. It’s time to laugh, be happy, and dream once again at the circus!

The Baraboo attraction hosts exhilarating entertainment under its expansive big top tent. This inspiring 1,800 seat venue allows 800 guests to spread out and safely enjoy splendid live entertainment. This is the perfect setting for majestic mastodonic magnificence with the Circus World elephants! These three lovely ladies will touch your heart as they enthrall everyone with their endearing elephantine elegance.

We welcome clowning legend Bill Machtel back home to Circus World. Bill is a Milwaukee native with a degree in education and a diploma from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. For years, Mr. Bill has brought joy and laughter to children of all ages with The Greatest Show on Earth and Circus World audiences will remember him for several seasons of sensational shenanigans. Mr. Bill is always enjoyable and exceptionally entertaining.

For Alex, Vicki, Richie and Sophia, performing is a family affair, with circus roots beginning in the late 1700s. Vicki attended an arts school in Hungary, and met her husband, Alex Petrov, in the circus. Alex, who was 45 days old when he came to the United States from Bulgaria, was raised on the Ringling show. He learned his family’s perch act and incline wire act, in addition to performing as part of a teeterboard troupe. Alex also helped train and present tigers and elephants with circus legend Gunther Gebel-Williams. Vicki, always felt a connection to animals, and proudly presents her three prancing ponies. Appearing with her son Richie, their high-energy juggling is amazing and astonishing! The youngest family member, Sophia, showcases her astonishing aerial artistry high in the dome of the big top.

Unparalleled unicyclist T. J. Howell brings his agile accomplishments and energetic excitement to Circus World audiences. A fan favorite with people everywhere, T.J. comes home to his circus roots this summer. His mother Lillian was a Danish trapeze artist and his father trained wild animals. T. J. was raised on the circus, and made his solo debut at the age of 12. Accompanying T. J. is his charming wife Gayle, whose hypnotic hula hoop handlings mesmerize magnificently.

Thank you to all of our cherished guests, fans and friends for your continued support while we have been closed due to the pandemic. We encourage everyone to follow us on our Facebook page for fun, behind the scenes videos, the latest updates for 2021, and so much more. We look forward to welcoming each of you back home to Circus World beginning June 1 of 2021 with live performances beginning on June 18th, 2021!