“Its One of Those Songs – Music Show!”

Music is as vital to the circus as cotton candy or clowns; creating the perfect environment for a great circus day. At Circus World you will marvel at a working collection of 100 year old mechanical organs, as well as concerts on a diverse group of novelty instruments once featured in side show performances and street parades. You will hear tuned sleigh bells, rub chimes, electric saucer bells, desk bells, an air calliope, the Una-Fon, tuned bottles, and other instruments. Ringmaster Dave SaLoutos and Musical Director Larry Stout will be rootin’ n’ tootin’ your way from June 18 – August 29, 2021. From the North Tonawanda organ accompanying antique wooden carousel rides, to wagon tours featuring concerts on the Royal American Show’s Gavioli band organ, or the novelty instruments show “Its One of Those Songs” taking place in the Hippodrome daily at 1:30pm from June 18 – August 29, or the Wurlitzer 165 band organ in the wagon restoration center, the spirited sounds of circus music echo throughout the grounds enchanting children of all ages.