Circus Exhibits

Above are a few of the 260+ beautiful and authentic circus wagons in the collections at Circus World.

Circus World offers acres of exhibits documenting the American Circus. The original Ringling buildings are the largest artifacts, part of the Ringling Bros. Circus original winter quarters. The Ringling Circus used our site in Baraboo as their home base from 1884-1918. This is where 5 brothers dreamed, created, and exported amazing wonders to eager audiences across America. The winter quarters are the largest and oldest group of nineteenth and twentieth century circus structures in the United States, belonging to the largest circus enterprise the world has ever known. The property is a National Historic Landmark Site consisting of 7 original winter quarters structures loaded with colorful displays documenting all facets of the circus.  The exhibits are open to the public from May 23 – October 31, 2020, with live programming throughout the grounds from May 23 to August 30!


Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Boy
Railroad Circus
Wagon Carvings
Miniature Circus